My statistical data come from many different sources. Mainly from the ATFS annuals from the past years, but the latest years I have also got much information from newsletters and internet. The internet has become more and more the main source for my information. Here come some acknowledges to the sources which have contributed with data. If any event have some special contributor, I have written the name for that person in the end of the list in question. If I have forgotten someone I apologize, but the compilation of my list has been going on for over 10 years and some sources can have slipped my mind.

Statistical books

Various A.T.F.S Annuals from 1969-2020

All-time World List 1, Women, 1997 Edition (Siltanen and Wolejko)

All-time World List 2, Women, 1998 Edition (Siltanen and Wolejko)

All time World List (Men), 1996 Edition (Quercertani and Mappa)

All time World List (Men), 1998 Edition (Quercertani and Mappa)

All time World List (Men), 2001 Edition (Quercertani and Mappa)

Listas Mundiales 1998-2000 (AEEA)

IAF's Progression of World best performances and Official IAAF World Records, 1991 Edition

Swedish yearbook "Friidrott" from 1961-1981, (Lodin)

Track & field magazines and newsletters

Track & Field News

Athletics International


Internet sources

IAAF's website

Tilastopaja's website

Track & Field News

The Swedish athletics federation's website

Personal thanks (in no special order)

Zhenji Shen
Francois Lorange
Patrick Secchi
Radek Pergl
Francisco Javier Ascorbe
Alan Sigmon
Emmanuel Tardi
Nicola Buccomino
Matti Koskimies
Ottavio Castellini
Jose Luis Hernandez
Mirko Jalava
Tadeusz Wolejko
James Fields
Roberto Pera
Peter Matthews
Ryan Lamppa
Pierre-Jean Vazel
Ken Nakamura
Roger Ruth
Ian Barton
Juraj Gasparovic
Arvo Siltanen
David Monti